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Main elements of our new design


No nga hau e wha

Te Hau Whānau

The love and kindness we show
to our whanau and friends.

Te Hau Pūmanawa

Our whanau talents, our
creativity and our ongoing quest
for knowledge.

Te Hau Whenua

The care and protection we have
for our environment and the
importance of living sustainably
and for future generations.

Te Hau Uru Atu

We are capable and hard
working, rolling up our sleeves
and getting the job done.

Our tamariki and their whanau come to us from hard working, caring homes with a range of talents, skills and abilities. They bring their own mana and connections that contribute to their learning journey at our school. 


Ko nga awa e wha


Shows Mana tangata - We care
and are kind to one another.


We are motivated, curious and
creative learners who are
actively seeking knowledge.


We care and protect our school
environment and are learning to
be guardians of the future.


We are active, hard working,
agentic learners who are
prepared to roll up our sleeves
and get the job done.



Our Learning Journey at Te Kura o Takaro
There are four awa that contribute to our learning.
The naming of these awa capture the essence of four Kaitiaki who help us to value, learn and contribute to our school community.



The care and protection of our school environment and are learning to be guardians of the future.

Tātāriki is a Rangatira

Shows all our PB4L characteristics and upholds our

Tātāriki asks Questions?

That show they are concerned and care for others and the environment.

Tātāriki is Committed

To making a change to improve the future.

Tātāriki is a Problem Solver

and leads to find solutions, focused. How can I make a change?



We show Mana tangata - We always care and are kind to one another.

Manaaki is Caring

Shows respect towards others and ourselves.

Manaaki has a strong Identity

We know ourselves and have pride in who we are. 

Manaaki Collaborates

Is tolerant and accepting of differences. We celebrate other cultures.

Manaaki shows Leadership

Supports and listens to others, is reflective and treats all others respectfully.



We are active, hard working, agentic learners who are prepared to roll up our sleeves and get the job done.

Tārongo is Active

Energetic and strive to be involved in all our learning.

Tārongo is Persistent

Drive to complete tasks well.
Intrinsically motivated.

Tārongo is Prepared

Can plan and take steps to complete a task.
Can communicate with others to share ideas, needs and asks for support.

Tārongo is Responsible

Shows initiative.
Is a problem solver/ critical thinker about situations or actions.



Are motivated, curious and creative learners who are actively seeking knowledge. 

Aranga is a Risk taker

Makes mistakes, persevering, giving it a go, trial and error. Try another way.

Aranga is Curious

Nosey for good, questioning, investigates, explores, experiments, clarifying, searching for answers,
constantly tries to build understandings.

Aranga is Motivated

Actively involved, participating and contributing, self-motivated and motivates others, enthusiastic, hungry to learn.

Aranga is Creative

Process is important, shows passion, enjoys and discovers others creativity and thinking.


Ko nga pae maunga

The four awa that flow over our pae maunga also help to locate us into the area and help us connect and maintain our relationship to Rangitane as a school. 

We have used the awa names to create four distinct roopu that students belong to:


Tararua and Ruahine are the mountain ranges that locate us to the local iwi Rangitane.

Rangitane hold manawhenua for our school and we will learn the kawa, tikanga and korero purakau of this area to strengthen our connections. 



Mai i te Maunga ki te Moana

The essence of our kaitiaki flow through our awa and into a rich estuary where they converge and come together.

The mingling of these waters provide sustenance for the knowledge and values that stay with us for life.

This is all our journey. It is cyclical and continuous. It captures every aspect of our learning and eventually will enable us all to launch ourselves and make a
difference to the world.


All this information available to download here.

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